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About This Site and Contact Information

About This Site

Baxoje Ukich'e: The Ioway Nation presents the most comprehensive information on the Iowa (or Ioway) tribe to be found anywhere on the Internet, including the contemporary situation. Like all websites, it is continually growing and responding to user needs and concerns.

Baxoje Ukich'e: The Ioway Nation is developed as part of the Ioway Grassroots Project, which is made up of Ioway tribal members who have Internet access. We have an email group for Iowa tribal members only called Ioways Online (email for more information).

Participants in the Ioway Grassroots Project

Annie Assefa
Candi Bellotti
Brian Blanton
Tim Blanton
Russ Brien
Elizabeth Denious Cessna
Sharon Fee Denious
Chad Deroin
James De Roin
Pete Fee
Tom Fee, Jr.
Robert Fields
Brandi Foster
Garth Foster
Lance M. Foster
Jackie Younge Gladden
Ellen Graalfs
Harry Graalfs/Eddie Red Elk
Mike Graalfs
Matt Kathanimane
Alan Kelley
Nancy Kirk
Carl & Gerri Liberty
Roger Liberty
Harlan McKasato
Kristi L. Moses
Shelley Bangert Redfeather
Becki Roberts
Kathleen Lawson Roubidoux
Kenneth Roubidoux
Marilyn Roubidoux
Tom Roubidoux
Jean Dobson Sellars
Jodi Joslin Slayton
Patricia Joslin Smith
Morris Tate, Jr.
James Tyler
Jolene & Jo Walters
David Willard
Donald C. Willard

The site is also sponsored by Native Nations Press, created by Lance Foster, an enrolled member of the federally-recognized Indian tribe, the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska. This site is not endorsed or supported by the official tribal government, and was created solely for public educational purposes and to provide a meeting place for Iowa Tribal members to reconnect with each other as relatives, and with Iowa culture and homelands.

About Lance M. Foster, creator of this site

"I am a member of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, and have been involved for the last 18 years in an effort to preserve Iowa language and culture. Our tribe is pretty small, and among the Kansas-Nebraska Iowas there are no fullbloods left and the culture is dangerously close to extinction. I maintain cultural and community affiliation with the Kansas-Nebraska group, through participation in elections and cultural events, although because of my job I currently live in New Mexico. I am currently employed as a historical landscape architect in the Cultural Landscapes Program of the National Park Service, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I also own Native Nations Press which is a startup publishing company that is concentrating on Midwest Tribes, starting with the Native Nations of Iowa.

Many Iowa tribal members have had to move away from the reservations in Kansas-Nebraska and Oklahoma to various locations in the U.S. because of lack of employment and economic opportunity on the reservations, starting from the 1920s until today. This site is dedicated to reuniting the Iowa community so that we may once again know each other as relatives and help each other maintain our identity as Ioway people."

----Lance Foster, March 12, 1999

Contact Information

To contact Lance Foster, email .

Technical contact (missing pages, links not working etc.) is Juli Kearns

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