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Ioway Cultural Institute
Resources on the Ioway or Iowa Indian Tribe

Baxoje Ukich'e: The Ioway Nation, Resources on the Ioway or Iowa Indian Tribe is developed as part of the Ioway Grassroots Project, which is made up of Ioway tribal members, and presents the most comprehensive information on the Iowa (or Ioway) tribe to be found anywhere on the Internet.

What are you looking for?

I'm a member of the Iowa Tribe and want to find out more about our tribe, relatives, and what's going on in the community.

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I am a student looking for information on the Iowa or Ioway Indian Tribe for a school report or project.

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I am interested in the genealogy of the Ioway Tribe; I think I might have Ioway Indian ancestors.

Go to the Genealogy Section

I just want to ask a question or talk about the Ioway or Otoe-Missouri Tribes.

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I am looking for information on enrollment and services.

For the Northern Ioway visit instead the official website of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska at:

For the Southern Ioway visit instead the official website of the Iowa Nation of Oklahoma at:


Notes on the header artwork. The center image is "Injekuhanda" and the right image is "Rahnuwe", both my Lance Michael Foster. The upper left image is a detail from George Catlin's "The White CLoud, Head Chief of the Iowas."

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