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Beaver Tales

By Clyde M. Rabideau (381 pages)

From the author:  

"BEAVER TALES, Trappers, Traders, Mountain Men & Scoundrels" is my latest book on the settlement of the Western United States. It follows the Joseph Robidou family of St. Louis, Missouri and his descendants on their travels across the Western and Midwestern United States. The book describes their encounters with many of the famous people of the time and sketches the life of several of these famous people and their accomplishments. It starts out with all of the previous writings on this family and continues with further details of their life. It also documents the Indian offsprings of this Robidou family that were not previously known. It describes in detail the Robidoux genealogy and connection to the Ioway Tribe.

I have traveled thousands of miles to research and photograph historical sites for this book. My last trip was in June 2001 and was over 7,000 miles. I traveled the Santa Fe and the Oregon Trails and went from New York to New Mexico to Oregon and from there, east across the upper United States.

The book is 381 pages, hardbound, and has hundreds of pictures of the forts, people, and other areas of the country that go with the stories. The cost is only $17.00 and this includes postage. The book would make an ideal gift for your children, spouse, or friends. To order, send your check to me at the address below. New York residents must add the applicable sales tax.

722 Irish Settlement Road
Plattsburgh, NY 12901-7611

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