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This is not the Ioway Tribal Government site.

This site provides information for entertainment and educational purposes only. It is not the official tribal government site for either the Iowa Tribe of Kansas-Nebraska or the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma. It does however serve the needs and interests of Iowa tribal members across the nation.

I do not have the ability to resolve issues of membership, enrollment, educational, employment, or financial assistance of any kind, or issues that are properly under the jurisdiction of the tribal governments. I will not respond to questions of that type.

For official questions please contact the proper tribal government(s):

Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska
Route 1, Box 58A
Whitecloud, KS 66094
Phone: 785-595-3258
Fax: 785-595-3258
Email / Official Website: Not available

Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma
R.R. 1, Box 721
Perkins, OK 74059
Phone: 405-547-2402
Fax: 405-547-5294
Email / Official Website:

For info on the Iowa of Kansas and Nebraska tribal contacts for services and offical business, go to

You can contact me, Lance Foster, for other types of questions.

Remember, I won't respond to any email on official tribal government business, including membership issues. For those questions, contact the addresses above.

Disclaimer of Other Sites

The online Ioway Cultural Institute may contain hypertext links to material off-site. No responsibility is borne for contents of any off-site material.

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