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Above. 1844 engraving of the Ioways when they were in London with George Catlin. From Martha Royce Blaine's "The Ioway Indians". Reproduced from W. H. Miner: "The Iowa" (Cedar Rapids, The Torch Press, 1911), Courtesy of Kansas State Historical Society.

Above. George Catlin's sketch of the fourteen Ioway who went to Europe 1844-46. Reproduced from Martha Royce Blaine's "The Ioway Indians", for fair-use educational purposes only.

Following are Catlin's identifications:

1. Mew-hu-she-kaw, White Cloud, first chief of the nation
2. Neu-mon-ya, Walking Rain, third chief
3. Se-non-ty-yah, Blister Feet; great medicine man

Warriors and Braves
4. Wash-ka-mon-ya, Fast Dancer
5. No-ho-mun-ya, One who gives no attention;
6. Shon-ta-yi-ga, Little Wolf
7. Wa-tan-ye, One always foremost
8. Wa-ta-we-bu-ka-na, Commanding General, the son of Walking Rain, ten years old
9. Jeffrey Doraway (Dorion, omitted)

10. Ruton-ye-we-ma, Strutting Pigeon, White Cloud's Wife
11. Ruton-we-me, Pigeon on the Wing
12. Oke-we-me, Female Bear that walks on the back of another
13. Koon-za-ya-me, Female War Eagle Sailing
14. Ta-pa-ta-me, Sophia, wisdom, White Cloud's daughter
15. Corsair, a papoose.

Above. George Catlin's "Iowa Indians Who Visited London and Paris"
oil on card mounted on paperboard
18 1/2 x 27 15/16in.
Paul Mellon Collection at the National Gallery of Art

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