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Ioway Cultural Institute : History

NOTE: Other images are exhibited in the genealogy section of the website in the photos section.

The People

Antoine Barada
Bright Eyes
Truman W. Dailey
Laughing Buffalo
James White Cloud
Arthur Lightfoot
Ioway Civil War Veterans

Smithsonian Collection Images

Ioway images from the Smithsonian Collection:

The People Portrayed

McKenney Images

Ioway Paintings from the McKenney Archives:

Mahaska or White Cloud
Rantchewaime or Flying Pigeon
Mahaska the Younger
Moanahonga, or Great Walker
Neomonni or Cloud Out of Which the Rain Comes
Notchiminie or No Heart
Shauhaunapotinia or Man Who Killed Three Sioux
Tahronohon, Watchemonne or the Orator.

Catlin Images

Ioways of 1844-45 trip to Europe.

Individuals given as portrayed:
Mew-hu-she-kaw, White Cloud, first chief of the nation
Neu-mon-ya, Walking Rain, third chief
Se-non-ty-yah, Blister Feet; great medicine man
Wash-ka-mon-ya, Fast Dancer
No-ho-mun-ya, One who gives no attention
Shon-ta-yi-ga, Little Wolf
Wa-tan-ye, One always foremost
Wa-ta-we-bu-ka-na, Commanding General, the son of Walking Rain, ten years old
Jeffrey Doraway (Dorion, omitted)
Ruton-ye-we-ma, Strutting Pigeon, White Cloud's Wife
Ruton-we-me, Pigeon on the Wing
Oke-we-me, Female Bear that walks on the back of another
Koon-za-ya-me, Female War Eagle Sailing
Ta-pa-ta-me, Sophia, wisdom, White Cloud's daughter
Corsair, a papoose.

Chief White Cloud.
Catlin's "See-non-ty-a".
Catlin's "Shooting Cedar".
Catlin's "Three Iowa Indians".
Catlin's "Indian File--Iowa".
Catlin's "The Ioway".
Wa-ta-we-buck-ana or Commanding General .
The Catlin Indian Collection, description by Catlin.
Painted Warriors, off-site link to article on George Catlin.

Miscellaneous Artists

An Indian man - profile bust (Culture: Iowa of the Missouri) , by St. Mermin
Painting by C. B. King in 1824 of Portrait (Front) of Moanahonga (Great Walker) or Winaugusconey (Man Not Afraid To Travel), Called Big Neck, in Native Dress with Ornaments and Holding War Club n.d. , by St. Mermin

Harpers Weekly Journal of Civilization

Indian delegation of Iowas, Sacs and Foxes to Washington D.C., Harpers Weekly Journal of Civilization


Noble Savage in the Courthouse Square: Patronage and Legacy in Sherry Edmundson Fry's Mahaska, paper by Greg Olson

Community Unites to Restore Unique Mahaska Statue, link to off-site article by Diane L. Mossholder

Museum of the Fur Trader Quarterly, Vol. 24, No. 3, shows on its cover: Ta-Ro-Han, An Ioway Warrior Wearing a calico shirt, 1837. Back issues may be ordered.

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