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Susan K. Suttle White's revision of the 1843 Richardson Map.

Martha Royce Blaine's "The Ioway Indians" states, as to the map:

Various Ioway villages, houses, and other landmarks on the Great Nemaha Reservation in 1843. From Ioway Point on the Missouri Rivera a road leads southward. The following locations are indicated on the road: the houses of Washamonya, White Cloud, No Heart, Pumpkin, Plum, Wauhookshinga (?), and Craif; Hewathoche's village and house; the Ioway School House; and an unidentified house. On the Ioway Branch are the Roubidoux trading post and Neumonya's house. Down the road are Campbell's and Akia's houses. A road branching northeast leads to Neumonya's village and the old abandoned Ioway village. Farther to the south on the main road are the brickyard, No Nearth's new house, the Ioway blacksmith, and the interpreter's house. The Ioway farmer lives north of the Mission, which is bounded on the south by the Sac and Fox reservation boundary line. Courtesy of the Naional Archives (RG 75 Series 234 Roll 307 0618).

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