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General History

Note: For further information, see also The Ioway Virtual Library, dedicated to putting important historic texts on the Iowa (or Ioway) tribe online, especially those that have been out of print and are hard to find for those with no access to University libraries.

General History

Mountains of Snowy Lodges - A Wisconsin Memory As told by Lance Foster to Eric Zingler, Winter of 2013


The First Ioway Indians at Montreal (1757) (excerpt) by Edward D. Neill, D. D., St. Paul Minnesota


4 April 1804, Lewis and Clark mention of Ioway Indians. Off-site link.

Ioways in William Thomas' journal of the Missouri Fur Company's ascension of the Missouri River to the Mandan Villages. (1809) Off-site link.

The Ioway Indians: Britain's Ally in the West? By Michael Dickey, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Arrow Rock State Historic Site

1824 First Ioway Students attended St. Regis Seminary, Florissant, Missouri. Excerpts from"The Jesuits of the Middle United States," by Gilbert J. Garraghan, S.J. Vol. 1, Chpt. St. Regis Seminary, pp.147-169.

1825, James Monroe Peace Medals.

1830 Treaty Transcript. Excerpts from Minutes of a Council held at Prairie du Chien. Contributed by Greg Olsen.
(NOTE: This file is in Acrobat PDF format. To be able to view it you will need a Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it, you may download it for free here.)

1834 Blacksnake Hills Iowa's Village and Trading House Locations, from the 1834-35 journal of John Dunbar.

Ioway students in the early schools & Father DeSmet's journey to Council Bluffs, May 1838. Boys Catholic School St. Louis, Mo. (temporarily located in Florissant 1826-9)
Excerpts from; "The Jesuits of the Middle United States," by Gilbert J. Garraghan, S.J.

Excerpt on the Ioways, from "Black Hawk, Dictated by Himself". Published 1834.

Wolf River painting by Bierhardt, depicting the 1836 relocation of the Ioways from Western Missouri to Wolf River, Kansas.

The Oregon Trail, Chapter IV "Jumping Off", mentions an Ioway village, May 1846. Interesting for its description of the environment.

Margraves letter. Margaret Margraves letter describing her experience at the Iowa, Sac & Fox Indian Mission, circa 1840 - 1880.


Transactions of the Kansas State Historical Society, 1903-1904...Historical Work in Osage County, mention of Ioway Indians. Off-site link.

Joseph DeRoin Article on White Cloud, appeared in the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska Newsletter, 2nd edition of May, 18, 1987.

Constitution and By-laws for the Iowa Tribe of Indians of the Iowa Reservation in Nebraska and Kansas -- Approved February 26, 1937 (offsite link)

Corporate Charter of the Iowa Tribe of the Iowa Reservation in Kansas and Nebraska -- Ratified June 19, 1937

Constitution and By-laws of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska -- as amended August 27, 1980 (Contributed by Michael Murphy. This file is in PDF format. To be able to view it you will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it, you may download it for free here.)

Some 20th Century Tribal Stats

1990 Census Breakdown of Ioway Tribal Members per State

Carlise Indian School

Ioways at Carlisle Indian School.


Greg Olson, Exhibits Specialist with the Missouri State Archives, writes that geographers from the University of Missouri have used some of the Archives' early 19th century land records to try to reconstruct the landscape of the Missouri River valley of that time. The project is centered around Lewis and Clark, but the maps and virtual tour are helpful in trying to image the landscapes at the time of White Cloud, as described in the journals of Maximillian, Duke Paul, Bradbury, Long and others. A traveling exhibit of the maps may be accessed here.

The 1837 No Heart Map

1843 Great Nemahaw Sub-Agency Map


People Meet the Land. A page from a longer work on Iowa with nice images. It discusses the first people of Iowa, including the Ioway. There is a color photo of the 1837 No Heart map, as well as a photo of an exhibit in Iowa Hall (University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa) that has two Ioways watching Marquette and Joliet coming down the Mississippi.

Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs and Conditions of the North American Indians, by George Catlin, 1844.

Adventures of the Ojibbeway and Ioway Indians in England, France and Belgium, by George Catlin, 1852, an online book.

27 Jan 1866, Harper's Weekly Article, "The Indian Delegation from Nebraska".

Red Men of Iowa, A rare book which is being transcribed online, about the Indian tribes that lived in Iowa, including the Sac & Fox (Meskwaki), Iowa, and Dakota.

History of the Native American Museum, State Historic Site, which began as the Presbyterian Mission to the Ioway Indians in Doniphan County, KS.

1700 Ioway Village, reconstruction at Living History Farms.

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