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Joseph DeRoin Article on White Cloud

(This appeared in the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska Newsletter, 2nd EDITION of May, 18, 1987)

The following article was given to us for publication in the newsletter by Joseph W. DeRoin, P.O. Box 252, Winchester, CA 92396

Come take a trip with me through the two reservations in the early 1900's. We start at White Cloud & head west to the cemetary and take the old reservation road. First, we meet James Norris and family, on to the Deweys, Bill and Joe Banks, on to Phillip LeClairs, the Tessons, the Tesson cemetary, then the DeRoins (Pearl, John, Louis, my dad, Joe, and my grandparents, Bill and Lizzie), on to the Coons (I wonder who remembers a handsome guy by the name of Arthur Provo) on to Tommy Lightfoot's, back west to Charles Pickett, the Fees, Knotts, and Partlows.

Back to the Church and north to the Ogdens, Bill, Dan, the Simmonds, on to Chief White Cloud and family, Louis, Dan, and Sarah, the Campbells, Jim and Ida Ogden. Back to the Church and head west to the Ralph Green's, Sam and Bessie Rhodd and family, Eddie Campbell, Charles and Aunt Belle Dupuis and family, back of them the Godfreys, Bun and Jessie Cotton, the Halls, north to the Thomas Murphy's, west to the Brien's, the Roubidoux's, the Toupans, the Ferrons, Ed Roubidoux, Aunt Josie Vetter, Em DeRoin family, Eddie DeRoin, Ira and Julia (DeRoin) Ogden, the Le Clair family, Morris family, Pete Murphy family, the Barbers, the Billy Margrove ranch. (I worked there three summers in a row). He had a general store, blacksmith shop, grain elevator, lumber yard. He raised and fattened cattle and hogs by the hundreds, had two other ranches, one west and north the other west and south.

On west on the state line to the Le Clairs, Fred Green family, Charley Roubidoux, Joe and Anne Wabasaw, Bill, Harrison, and Kesh Mac McConnel and the Murphys, Emma and Mike.

I almost forgot the Baradas, Fred and Bill and Aunt Annie, they lived west of Pearl DeRoin.

If I have forgotten anyone I am very sorry.. My first year of school was at the old Mission west of Bill Ogden farm, then we moved to White Cloud and I attended school there. I spent most of my summers on the Reservation.

Submitted by Jim T.

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