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Ioway Cultural Institute : Ioways Today

Ioway Tribal Member Resources

I want to know about genealogy and ancestors... what can you tell me?

Either check out the open list for these kinds of questions on the open Ioway and Otoe Genealogy and Culture club (public) or join the Ioways Online email list (private). The Yahoo club is open to the general public so be sure you want to ask those questions there. But check it out once in a while because your expertise is often needed! The Ioways Online list is restricted to Iowa tribal members only at this time. There is also some general information on Iowa genealogy over here.

I want to find my relatives. How do I do that?

There is an online email group that you can sign up for free. Email me with your name, your relatives you are looking for, and I will get you set up, free.

I want to learn more about Ioway language and culture... how do I start?

Many are looking to learn more about the traditional culture. It is best to learn this from elders and by living in the community, but many of us were not lucky enough to be born near enough to have these opportunities. You can begin to learn something about the language here. You can also ask specific questions about the culture either by emailing me, joining the open Ioway-Otoe club at Yahoo (both tribal members and nontribal members) or by joining the Ioways Online list (tribal members only).

If you can, be sure to go to the Iowa tribal powwows. The main ones are the Baxoje Fall Encampment, held the third weekend of every September near the tribal headquarters at White Cloud, Kansas, and the Iowa Tribal Powwow, held in June near the tribal headquarters outside Perkins, Oklahoma. The powwows are good entry points for tribal members trying to re-establish contact with the traditional culture as well as relatives. I will post dates and other information here when they are available.

How do I get enrolled, get my child enrolled, get education benefits, get casino money, get a job, get a place to live, and other kinds of benefit or services available?

This is not the official tribal site and I cannot answer those kinds of questions because I do not have the authority to do so. For those answers you need to contact the tribal government concerned.

Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska
Route 1, Box 58A
Whitecloud, KS 66094
Phone: 785-595-3258
Fax: 785-595-3258
Email / Official Website: Not available

Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma
R.R. 1, Box 721
Perkins, OK 74059
Phone: 405-547-2402
Fax: 405-547-5294
Email / Official Website:

For info on the Iowa of Kansas and Nebraska tribal contacts for services and offical business, go to

I will also be adding to these questions and answers on items of general interest to other tribal members. Send your questions to me.

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