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Ioway Cultural Institute : Ioways Today

Ioway Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska

Contact Information

For info on the Iowa of Kansas and Nebraska tribal contacts for services and offical business, visit the official website at

Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska
3345 B Thrasher
White Cloud, KS 66094
Phone: 785-595-3258
FAX: 785-595-6610

Location and Lands

map of Ioways of Kansas and Nebraska

The Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska is located along the Missouri River on an approximately 2,100-acre reservation straddling the borders of northeast Kansas (Brown County) and southeast Nebraska (Richardson County). According to 1995 figures, the Tribe owns 947.63 acres in Kansas, and 181.01 acres are in tribal member allotments. In Nebraska the Tribe owns 280 acres and 210.06 acres are in tribal member allotments. The BIA indicated that were 1,618.7 acres of Iowa tribal lands in trust status in 1995. Tribal headquarters are located on reservation lands, west of White Cloud, Kansas. Tribal enrollment in 1995 was 2,147.


The Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska is organized and chartered under the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934. Its first constitution and bylaws were adopted on November 6, 1978. The Executive Committee was established as the governing body of the tribe. It consists of a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer and one member. Each serves a three-year term. The most recent election was in 1998, with Louis Deroin elected Chairman.

Economy and Services

The tribe's economy is primarily based on agriculture. The tribal farm raises cattle, and operates the Flaky Mills (grain-processing) and a grain elevator. The tribe has been engaged with gaming operations, first with Iowa Tribal Bingo, and then in 1998 with the opening of the tribal casino. The tribe operates various social services as well as a gas station and a fire station.

Things to Do

The Missouri River borders the reservation providing good fishing opportunities, and limited hunting for turkey, whitetail deer, rabbits, quail, and pheasants. Check with the tribe for permission and regulations. In the nearby town of Highland, Kansas is the Native American Heritage Museum which has some information and exhibits on the tribe. Housed in the old Iowa, Sac and Fox Mission building, the Museum is operated by the Kansas State Historical Society. Annual events at the reservation include the Chief White Cloud Rodeo, held in June, and the Baxoje Fall Encampment (powwow), held in September. As specific information becomes available it will be posted at the Ioway News page.

Constitution and By-laws and Corporate Charter

Constitution and By-laws for the Iowa Tribe of Indians of the Iowa Reservation in Nebraska and Kansas -- Approved February 26, 1937 (offsite link)

Corporate Charter of the Iowa Tribe of the Iowa Reservation in Kansas and Nebraska -- Ratified June 19, 1937

Constitution and By-laws of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska -- as amended August 27, 1980 (Contributed by Michael Murphy. This file is in PDF format. To be able to view it you will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it, you may download it for free here.)

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