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Ioway Cultural Institute : Links and Lists


These links will take you to sites we have visited and have found to have substantial or unique information relating to the Iowa Tribe. We also include links for the general public to the websites of Iowa tribal members if they request it.


I. Iowa Tribal Members Businesses and Home Pages
II. Iowa Tribal Government / BIA Official Websites
III. Museums / Cultural Sites related to the Ioway People
IV. Other Useful Sites (Native, Historical, General)

I. Iowa Tribal Members Businesses and Home Pages

II. Iowa Tribal Governments / BIA Official Websites

[For tribal contacts / addresses, see this site's pages on either The Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska or The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma]

  • Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma : The tribe's official website covers general information, council members, cultural projects, and tribal services and businesses.
  • Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska : No official website yet.
  • BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) : General information on enrollment, laws, etc. with information on the Agencies that deal with the Kansas-Nebraska (Horton Agency) and Oklahoma Iowas (Shawnee Agency). *NOTE: The BIA link is no longer functional. Instead this is now a link to the Department of the Interior.

III. Museums / Cultural Sites related to the Ioway People

  • Native American Heritage Museum : Run by the Kansas State Historical Society, this museum is located in Highland, Kansas, about 10 miles from White Cloud. It was built in what was the historic Iowa, Sac and Fox Mission, and now has a variety of exhibits that cover the original tribes of Kansas, the immigrant tribes of Kansas, and the contemporary mix of Indian and white cultures in the area.
  • Living History Farms : Located in Des Moines, Iowa, this outdoor museum has a re-imagined/recreated Ioway Village from about 1700, with bark houses and native crop gardens.
  • Iowa's Cultural Heritage : Information from the Office of the State Archeologist of Iowa, on the archeology of Iowa, the original homelands of the Iowa Tribe. Especially note the sections called "Oneota Culture" and "Historic Period."
  • For the best, most complete site on the ancestral Ioway-Otoe, check out Larry Zimmerman's Oneota Archaeology, with Oneota bibliography and database (more from the U of Iowa)

IV. Other Useful Sites (Native, Historical, General)

If you come across any other sites with useful information on the Iowa Tribe, or you are an Iowa tribal member and would like a link to your site from this page, email me with the information!

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