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Arthur Lightfoot

On Friday, Nov. 15, 1996, Arthur Lightfoot, Hung'e ("Prince" [Arthur's translation]; Child Beloved [from the Pipe Dance]), Ioway (Bear Clan), born in the community of White Cloud, Ks. on the (Northern) Ioway Tribe of Kansas & Nebraska passed on. It seems he was born 6/24/1904, and is the last known speaker of Baxoje/Jiwere from the White Cloud Reserve, Ks. He was a Methodist Minister for various Indian community churches, as well as an active member of the Native American Church, elder of the Otoe-Missouria community at Red Rock, Ok, where he has resided most of his life.

His parents are: Tom Lightfoot, Yetsh-Y-he, (Ich'eInye: Little Speaker) (Otoe/adopted Iowa) and Martha Washburn (Iowa); Paternal Grndp: Mahi (Knife), Otoe, and Ma-shutz-me (ManShojeMi: Hazy Day Woman), Otoe/adopted Iowa. Maternal Grndp: Henry Washburn, Iowa, & Mary Washburn, E-no-ah-ha-mee (InuWaHuheMi: Coming With Them [a crowd] Woman), Iowa, daughter of Moon-ton-he (Munt'oge'inye: Little Male Bear), Iowa, & Cha-tha-me (CheTheweMi: Black Buffalo Cow Woman), Iowa. He married Cecelia Hoogradora (HugreDowe: Four Lodge Post [In an earthlodge, representing the four directions]) at Red Rock, Okla. on Aug 7, 1935. They had 3 children, Sandra Eaves of Stillwater, OK, Kate L. (deceased) and Arlen of Rapid City, SD, 7 grandchildren, 4 great grndch, 3 grt, grt grndch. Services at Otoe-Missouria Tribal complex, NAC teepee service Sunday night, Funeral Feast at noon Monday (18th), followed by family give-away, service at Otoe-Missouria cemetery.

Jimm Goodtracks

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